Since 1999, Labor Solutions, Inc. has worked as a partner with our clients to provide temporary, full-time H-2A or H-2B non-immigrant workers. As your agent for the H-2A & H-2B program, Labor Solutions, Inc. will be your guide through a difficult multi-step process to give your company a definite advantage. Whether your company is large or small, you require excellence at every position, including tough seasonal jobs. We can help you hire reliable, energetic, temporary, legal labor for up to 9 months a year, every year. 

Labor Solutions, Inc. will work with you as partners to free you of the headaches and tedious process of applying for an H-2A & H-2B application. Because we specialize in this process, we easily eliminate the risks to make sure that your company gets the seasonal workers you need to make your company successful. We care about your business and we care about the workers who will leave their families and home to work hard for you.

Labor Solutions, Inc. will help you:

  • Acquire the correct wages
  • Gather supporting documents
  • Conduct the recruitment process
  • Submit accurate applications to the Dept. of Labor and the Dept. of Homeland Security
  • Keep accurate records and retain a copy of all documents for 3 years
  • Keep you informed throughout the process 

You can count on Labor Solutions, Inc. to stay on top of all crucial rule changes, keep you informed, and answer all your questions! We know how important your workforce is to you and how much you depend on your employees. Labor Solutions, Inc. prides itself in guiding the employer through the season: from application – to the time your workers return home.